Sonya Pettigrew

Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Progressing Ballet Technique, Limbering & Stretching, 


Sonya has a particular interest in training and preparing students for vocational careers.  She has been lucky enough to have several students graduate from top schools including the Royal Ballet School Associates, Elmhurst School for Ballet, London Contemporary, Rambert and Leban Conservatoire for Dance and Music.  She has a passion for educating dancers of all ages in preparing and establishing good pointe work technique. 

Training & Qualifications 

Sonya has been dancing for 40 years starting at the tender age of 4 years old, with Tina Pilgrem at King Slocombe School of Dance in Cambridge.  She passed her exams in ballet with Distinction including Intermediate and Advanced level.  She returned to the dance world after a short break in 1999 and trained to teach under the guidance of Esther Juon, Dancelaines in Brighton.  She completed her studies with the BBO Dance shortly after and opened the school 12 years ago.  More Recently she has qualified and is Registered as a Level 1-6 Acrobatic Arts teacher.