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At Online Dance Studio we believe that dancing is for everyone, everywhere and we are working hard to bring the dance studio experience to the comfort of your home.  We want you to feel like you are in the room even though you can’t be!


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Ever wanted to try a dance class?

We are looking for people of all ages and abilities to create their very own small stage right in their own living rooms!
Dance brings us together, as people, families, and friends.  When we make that connection, something incredible and beautiful happens.  We want to find people that love to dance just as much as we do! Our teachers have a passion for their subject and love sharing that with you.  So whoever you are, whatever you do, join us and take the first step to becoming the best possible version of yourself today!
We have classes all ages and abilities in Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Progressing Ballet Technique (body conditioning), Stretching & Limbering and Pilates!
Our classes are rewarding and interactive and run every day of the week, with something to suit every age and ability and keep you on your toes.
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live classes, taught in person

Every student is given individual feedback by the teacher, making the experience personal and as real as possible.

Our small classes are taught live, in person by world class teachers, meaning each student gets real-time coaching whilst they are dancing, ensuring they make the fastest progress possible.

Why dance? 

Taking a dance class can improve your coordination, creativity, musicality, strength, flexibility and a general sense of well being. You will gain the grace of a swan, and stamina of an athlete, whilst feeding your creative soul.  It’s also a fun, social way of exercising!


Why choose us?

We offer small bespoke classes that give you the chance to dance in the comfort of your own home despite your busy schedule.  We bring the studio experience to you, giving you the individual coaching you need to achieve your dancing and fitness goals in record time. Join us and free your body and mind from the stresses of daily life. 


Want to build a strong lean ballerina body?  Then this is the class for you!  Taking ballet class offers you the chance to sculpt and define your body, whilst learning the grace, posture and discipline of this beautiful art form.   We believe anyone at any stage in their lives can learn these highly transferable skills, helping you not just in class but in all aspects of your life.

Stretching & Limbering

Ever wanted to get into the splits? or do a bridge?  We can help you work towards these goals and this class gives you the chance to learn how.  We run monthly challenges for students with our montly subscriptions, with lots of support and encouragement on our private facebook group.

Progressing Ballet Technique 

This brilliant new body conditioning system will fast track your progress.  Specially designed to help train dancers, it is suitable for anyone wishing to gain strength, flexibility, core stability, rehabilitation and injury prevention. 



Tap Dance 

Tap dance is a fun energetic way to keep fit. We will take you from your first steps through to fully choreographed dances, whilst working up a storm of a sweat!





Here’s what our students say

“Good fun”

“My online dance classes keep me in touch with my ballet pals, it’s also good fun! A little sense of normality in these strange times!”


“I really enjoy the social aspect”

“I absolutely love my online classes! It’s some normality in my life when I am not able to do anything else I would normally be doing. I really enjoy the social aspect and have made lots of new dancing friends.”


“Well structured with good feedback”

We’ve all done it….danced around the kitchen dreaming of being a dancer. Online Dance Studio’s classes make it a reality. I was devastated at the thought of giving up my ballet classes but I don’t need to. All you need is a little space and a sense of fun. The classes are well structured with good feedback and they’re challenging. I love dancing around my kitchen. Xxx


“A great experience”

“”I love dancing because it enables you to express yourself and how you’re feeling.  My job can be really stressful, dance gives you a way to focus on something else. Unlike recorded dance classes I still feel like its very interactive and you still feel like you’re part of class 


World class

Teaching Faculty

We are priviliged to have a world-class teaching faculty ready, on line to help you become the best, fittest, most confident version of you that you have ever been! 

Saskia Wilkinson

Saskia Wilkinson RAD (QTS) Ballet, Special Projects, Vocational Coaching, Audition Preparation, Summer School Intensive ProgrammeSpecialities  Since Saskia has become a full time dance teacher, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for dance with her students is her...

Jenna Caley

Jenna Caley PilatesSpecialities  Teaching Pilates.  Training & Qualifications  Jenna  was a Principal dancer with The Birmingham Royal Ballet for 15 years, following her training the Royal Ballet School. She studied Pilates under Alan Herdman and specialised in...

Zoe Epstein

Zoe Epstein RBS Dip. DT, DDTAL, RAD (QTS) Ballet, Special Projects, Vocational Coaching, Audition Preparation, Summer School Intensive ProframmeSpecialities  Zoe is a graduate from The Royal Ballet School’s Vocational Teaching Course and Trinity Diploma of Dance...

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