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I have now received an update from the Brighotn & Hove Council regarding opening proceedures, and what to do when someone comes into contact with the virus.  


Please familiarise yourself with the document attached.  It has a very hand breakdown of when a student/teacher can and cannot attend class.  This will be emailed to students and their families today.  With the infection rate rising rapidly we all need to be vigilant. 

Covid-19 Advice
1) If you have a CONFIRMED case within your setting the bubble must close and isolate. This includes the teacher. This is even if you have kept 2m guidance. This is because you’re counted as a PRIMARY contact.
T&T should be in contact, if they are not in good time it is because they are running under immense pressure or the parent has not named you. Your priority must be to safeguard your students, your business, your staff, yourself and your community.
The guidance which says “spending more than 15 minutes within 2 metres of someone” is irrelevant due to the away in which children behave and bubbles work. The respiratory nature of the disease means that social distancing is an infection control, but not infallible.
The reason why this is different in schools is because the government want kids to be in school, and are doing everything they can to keep it that way. Obviously is the difference between ‘education’ and ‘recreation’.
You could call environmental health at your council to argue against bubble closures of course, but think about your priorities (the wellbeing of your students), your insurance and reputation.
Finally, on this point. Going online for two weeks, may result in keeping your business open for longer, because you are stopping the spread- particularly the spread in your business.
2) If someone is sent home from school because there is a confirmed case in their school bubble and told they must isolate for 10-14 days they cannot come to your setting in that time period, even if they have had a negative test or no symptoms.
3) If a student’s sibling/household member is isolating under the advice of T&T or their school, and remains well with no symptoms, the student and the household can continue to attend your setting.
4) If someone in a student’s household – not your student- has a POSITIVE test, and the student has been to your setting (and that student remains symptomless) you do not need to close the bubble. This is because you and your other students are SECONDARY contacts. The child in question however will have to isolate with their household.
5) If someone who has come to your setting has SYMPTOMS, but no positive test, you can keep the bubble open until you know the results of the test. Obviously, the child with symptoms cannot attend while awaiting test results.
6) If someone in a household with one of your student’s has SYMPTOMS, you should advise them to isolate until the outcome of the test.
7) If you are the only teacher in your school, or you cross bubbles. This might help:
Bubble A is taught by Teacher A. A student in bubble A tests positive for COVID. The student, bubble A and Teacher A have to isolate.
Teacher A also taught bubble B & bubble C. Because Teacher A has no symptoms and is isolating as a precautionary measure, Bubble B & Bubble C are counted as ‘secondary’ contacts and do not need to isolate. You can continue to teach this bubble in person using a cover teacher or assistant.

Class Registers

Please update the spreadsheet after each class you take.  It is vital that we know who has attended a class, especially if the class you taught was in the studio.  We are legally obligated to keep up to date records for the track and trace in lieu of the Covid Pandemic. 

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