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What will I need to take part? 

  • Approximately 2 meters x 2 meters of space clear of obstructions, animals and small children. 
  • A chair or similar surface to hang on to for ‘barre’ work
  • Download Zoom before your class. 
  • A monthly subscription, or to purchase a  drop in space. 

What should I wear? 

We would ask that you wear what you would normally wear for the class you are taking, i.e.

Ballet; ballet tights, leotard, ballet shoes, hair tied back

Acro; leggings/shorts, tee-shirt, bare feet, hair tied back

Tap; either leotard and tights or leggings and a tee-shirt, tap shoes (or sturdy shoes with a slight heel)

PBT; leggings or tracksuit bottoms that you can pull up to your knee, tee-shirt, bare feet

Will a Parent or Guardian need to be present?

YES!  We must insist that for children aged 3 – 12 years that their parent is present during their classes.  We will check in with parents at the beginning of class to ensure you are there and supporting your child during their class.  We find that children do get a lot more from their classes if they support their children in their learning, and would encourage that they engage with the class as much as possible.  This will also help you to know what we are working on, and what you can practice at home out of class time.  

If I cannot make a live class can I watch it on replay?

Yes!  Most of our classes will appear in the private Facebook group for those with subscriptions.  The only time this will not happen is if someone in the class has requested us not to record the lesson for reasons of privacy.  

Do I have to have the camera on my device switched on?

YES!  If you are new to the school and we do not know you, you will need to switch on your camera so that we can see you are a geniune student!  This helps us protect everyone, and ensure that our classes are a safe space for everyone attending.  If you do not want to introduce yourself in the class time, you can do this privately outside of the class.  Please contact us to arrange this. 

We will also need all our younger dancers aged 3-12 years to have their camera on during the whole class whilst they attend to ensure the safety of the child attending whilst they are dancing with us.  We do not allow backdrops, or students to turn their camera on and off during the class as this is very distracting for the rest of the students participating.  

Will classes be recorded?

Yes.  Classes will be recorded by the teacher, so that they can be viewed again via our members only Facebook group.  Replay videos will only every be shared in the Facebook members group.  Please let us know if you would prefer this not to happen.  We do not record classes when we have new studetns who are attending on a drop in basis, or are in the 3 – 12 years old age group.  

Can Parents, Friends, Guardians Grandparents or extended family watch the class? 

No!  We can only grant permission for friends and family to watch your class in special circumstances and only if you write to ask the Principal of the school for permission in advance of you/your child’s class.

If I sign up for a monthly subscription, when does it start?

Monthly subscriptions start on the first day of each month and run until the last day of the month.  If you join in the middle of the month we cannot unfortunately carry forward days into the next month.  However if you consider joining middle of the month, please remember that our drop in classes cost either £6 or £9 per class, so you only really have to do 4 classes to make a saving and with 22 hours of teaching a week we are confident it still be more cost effective for you to join with a subsription than via drop in classes!  Montly subscriptions will cease to be available after the 20th day of each month unless specifically requested.  

What if I want to cancel?

Our cancellation policy is as follows; once you have signed up for a monthly subscription you have 14 days to cancel from the date that you purchased the subscription. We may be able to offer you a refund pro-rata for the remaining days of that month.  This is entirely offered at the discretion of the Principal of Online Dance Studio.  Please contact the office for more information.  After this date we are not able to offer you a refund under any circumstances. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions (which are avaialble at the bottom of this page). 

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