Meet the Teacher

Leonie Lawmon 

Acrobatic Arts Teacher

Classes :
Saturdays at 1:00 – 2:00
Goal setting Group Tutor

I’m a 42 year old mum and wife with Level 3 Personal Training & Nutrition Qualifications and an England Athletics Run Leader License. I also teach Acrobatic Arts for the Brighton Ballet School and Online Dance Studio.
I owned a busy successful bridal boutique for 13 years but found myself at a point where all the hours, poor diet and heavy stress loads were breaking me down fast. I turned to exercise for help and as this passion grew I found myself realising my health and wellbeing had to start coming first.
Online dance studio - acrobatic arts teacher leonie lawmon
Cue a complete change of career so I could help others use exercise and nutrition to support their mental health too.
I now provide 121 and small group coaching in exercise and nutrition with good habit building and positivity at the core. I’m a pink loving, kitchen disco queen who loves to exercise and eat great food. My goal is to help my clients find joy through movement and life balance through building solid sustainable habits.
Leonie has now decided to focus her attention on her personal training busines full time.  We wish Leonie the best luck with her new business and thank her for the time she spent with us.